tap into our leading technology & highly-skilled software engineers


Consultants at Bespoke Insights have extensive experience with financial and economic modelling. We specialize in corporate valuation and regulatory modelling.  This is combined with the power of the Bespoke Insights platform and the talents of our skilled software engineers to deliver high-quality and easy-to-understand solutions.

Risk Quantification & Management

Combined with the platform and talents of the skilled software engineers at Bespoke Insights, high-quality and easy-to-understand solutions are available.

Data Analytics / Machine Learning

The highly-skilled software engineers and statistical consultants at Bespoke Insights provide our clients with high-quality and easy-to-understand solutions.  

Financial Economics

Consultants at Bespoke Insights are recognized experts in Financial Economics and can assist in many areas including:

  • Portfolio optimisation
  • Asset and portfolio allocation
  • Asset pricing models
  • Real option analysis
  • Back-testing of trading strategies