Making regulatory data accessible and meeting compliance processes has never been simpler

The Bespoke Insights platform is designed & built on-site in Australia by our skilful technology team and expert industry consultants with direct input from our clients. We’re committed to continual innovation of our solutions, giving our clients access to the latest technology and the latest regulatory developments.

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Get access to all core functions in one subscription.

Network Rankings

Network Rankings


Benchmark against others and also your own previous performance. Forecast how your network might rank in the regulator’s annual benchmarking report.


Use our powerful simulation tools to get answers to complex questions.


Present data in a way that your stakeholders can easily interpret, such as waterfall charts.


Calculate and display expenditure in the correct dollar basis and easily switch between nominal and real.


Reduce manual handling to speed up processes and reduce potential for errors, including automated creation of charts and tables in an easy to view format.


Forecast your WACC consistent with the regulator’s binding rate of return instrument. Capable of modelling regulatory building blocks.


Set views at the level you need from top-line to drilled down detail, in your corporate colours.


Share analysis, modelling and reports across your organisation, and provide open data with the public if you choose.


Our data is hosted in Australia with encrypted connections and regular backups.

Inflation Adjustment Tool

Inflation Adjustment Tool

Get custom tools designed and developed to meet your special circumstances.

Bespoke tools are designed based on client requests. On completion, they can become available as part of the core functions of the Bespoke Insights platform. This is one of the ways we ensure our platform continues to evolve in-line with market and industry needs. Explore our latest interactive tools here.

Get timely advice from our expert consultants, backed by our RegTech.

Bespoke Insights’ consultants apply in-depth knowledge of the regulatory landscape and rigorous analysis to deliver you research and reports that focus on your core issues.